Acoustic Manufacture

Acoustic Manufacture is a company specializing in the production of acoustical elements, born from the audiophile passion of the founders.

From listening rooms and home theater systems by recording studios and rehearsal rooms, to conference rooms and auditoriums… wherever applied our acoustical elements, effectively improving the acoustic environment. Standard offer including affordable priced, proven designs. Of course, it gradually augmented by developing new designs.

For more demanding Clients, we are able to perform any construction, taking into account individual preferences regarding size or finish.

You can rent and check our units at Your listening room and could be personally convinced of its effectiveness.

Schroeder diffusers

Diffusing panels of Schroeder are wooden constructions. In very simplistic terms, these are so called wells – planes reflecting waves are located at different depths. Both the bottom of the well and the wall separating them are made of plywood. The outer frame can be made ​​either of plywood (economic option) as well as from solid wood. All items are carefully folded – production of components is computer-controlled (CNC) – and the whole carefully folded and glued by hand with “carpenter” attention to detail.

The diffusers are painted with ecological watercolors. Frame could be painted in a different color than the walls of the wells as well as other combinations of frame / wells / wall.


Most of our acoustical elements has the length and height
that are multiples of 30 cm (usually 60 cm).
We therefore recommend to free collating them into the complicated sets,
called the combo by us.
This allows you to:

  • obtaining a larger surface of diffusion,
  • modify the characteristics and direction of diffusion,
  • combining different types of elements (1D and 2D),
  • adaptation to specific areas,
  • the gradual expansion of owned set.

Absorbing-diffusing elements

In addition to diffusing activities is often required absorbing characteristics. Absorbing-diffusing elements complements diffusers. The rigid, perforated front plate reduces absorption of high and medium frequencies, thus not simultaneously prevent lower frequencies, absorbed inside.

Custom diffusers

We are happy to design and create diffusers tailored to your listening room both acoustically and visually. We are able to design and make the system in any dimension and color.

We propose concrete solutions, the choice of the type and characteristics. Consultation service is free for customers who order the set of diffusers in our company.

Units made ​​to order are only slightly more expensive than standard. For example: simple modified panels 1D (in height) may differ only amount 5-15% from the standard price. Please contact us.